Sunday, July 11, 2010

NEWS: 2010 LGBT Rainbow Awards

OMG! I have some super exciting news to share. Elisa, over at The Rainbow Awards, has chosen yours truly as one of the judges for 2010!

You can read my "official" bio below:

A close friend once accused me of being a bookslut. She meant it in jest, but humour is always strongest when it contains an element of truth. A tattered copy of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, hidden beneath the bed and read in secret, first sparked the imagination of a 10 year old boy. Years later, a pristine copy of Clive Barker’s Imajica, carried proudly and read publicly, ignited the literary passions of a teenaged transsexual. The only thing I love more than curling up with a good book is sharing one with friends and watching them fall in love. That’s why I started, and why I continue to spend far too much time digging through used bookstores for those hidden gems that positively embrace the LGBTQ community.

Elisa has already sent me my 5 books to review, and it's an interesting batch. I have 1 book from each of the following categories:
  • Historical - Bisexual / Transgender
  • Mystery / Thriller - Bisexual / Transgender
  • Paranormal / Horror - Gay
  • Contemporary - Gay
  • Fantasy - Lesbian
Definitely looking forward to getting started on my reading!

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