Thursday, August 12, 2010

NEWS: Update

At long last, I am very pleased to announce the next major update of (my little site dedicated to exploring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer themes in literature).

A little over a month ago, I finally finished the redesign of the site, giving it a fresh & functional new look. I'm afraid my first attempt at the site was a little too ambitious, and some of the coding I tried broke the site for some older browers and for most mobile browsers. Fortunately, the redesign seems to have fixed all that.

With the site working properly again, it was time to get the content up to par with what I'd always expected of myself with regards to the site. At the time of the revamp, I had just under 1000 books online, but the list was little more than authors, titles, and sexuality keywords. Since then I've begun evaluating my list, adding reviews to those books I've been fortunate enough to read, and also adding detailed notes as to why the sexuality in each book is significant.

Currently, I only have reviews entered for about 50 books, but I've managed to add detailed notes for almost 200. In the process, I've grown the overall list to 1120 books (and counting!). It's by no means done -- and will never be done, so long as great authors keep producing new works -- but the site is getting closer every day to my dream.

I hope you enjoy it, find it a valuable resource, and visit often!

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