Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NEWS: Lambda Literary Award Nominees (part 2)

As promised, here are my other notable mentions for the 23rd Annual Lambda Literary Awards (you can find the rest here)

Gay Debut Fiction
Bob the Book, by David Pratt (very cute . . . very imaginative)
Drama Queens with Love Scenes, by Kevin Klehr (sounds a bit wacky, but I like that)
The Drifts, by Thom Vernon (could be an interesting read)

Gay Erotica
Spring of the Stag God, J.C. Herneson (sounds hot - definitely on my to-read list)

Gay Romance
Three Wrong Turns in the Desert, by Neil Plakcy (gay espionage and adventure)

To view the complete list, and keep on top of the submissions being added, check out the Lambda Literary page here:

Once again, if there are any nominees that caught your eye, please let me know!

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