Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NEWS: Sweet Kobo Books Deal

If you're on the Kobo Books mailing list, you've probably gotten pretty sick of the email 'deals' that are only good on a select list of ebooks. It's the same list every week, with a few additions, and invariably nothing that I'm looking for. Today's deal is for a whopping 30% off, though, which was enough to make me take the plunge and browse through the list.

As I was browsing, I noticed that the header read "Save on these titles & more" so I began to wonder . . . what is this 'more' they speak of? Could it mean we're NOT restricted to the list, and that we CAN get 30% off any book we chooose?

The answer, I'm pleased to share, is a resounding YES! I tried it out tonight and picked up 3 books that had been on my watch-list for a while. Just to prove the deal30 coupon really does work, I even took a screen shot of my last purchase:

There you have it, down from $7.33 to $5.13 in an instant!

Not sure if this is an error, a glitch, or just a poorly advertised special, but it's worth checking out.

1. Go to http://www.kobobooks.com/
2. Find your book
3. Click the Buy Now button
4. Click the Promo Code link and enter "deal30"
5. Check the updated price, and you're done.

The deal is only good for 48 hours, so stop by soon.

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