Sunday, November 21, 2010

REVIEW: Use Your Illusion by Jade Falconer

Considering its length (about 30 pages), Jade manages to accomplish quite a bit with this story. We get to follow Tanner through his first crush, date, and sexual encounter; the confusing emotional aftermath of his deception; and the ultimate realisation (and reciprocation) of his lust.

Tanner can't help but lust after sexy football player Brent. But Brent's straight, or so Tanner thinks, so Tanner dresses like a hot girl to flirt with him at a party. But Tanner is a little too convincing, and Brent really wants to get to know "her" better. When the truth is revealed, Brent isn't the only who is surprised.

I absolutely loved this story. Tanner is so sweet and innocent when we first meet him, a young man lusting after the hot football hero, certain he'll never be noticed, much less have his affections returned. His transformation into Nena is almost too easy, too perfect, but there are enough hints about both him and his roommate to suggest this is not the first time he’s crossdressed.

The awkwardness between our young lovers is played out beautifully, and their sexual explorations are almost perfect in their blend of wonder and eroticism. You come to care for both characters very quickly, and it is honestly heartbreaking when Tanner decides to break things off rather than have Brent discover the truth about Nena.

Fortunately for all concerned – including the reader – Tanner gives in and Nena has a final date with Brent in which to come clean. I don’t want to say much more than that, and I certainly will not give away the ending, but Jade manages to convey a true sense of the fear and the danger involved. We want to be there with Tanner, holding his hand, and ready to protect him should Brent react poorly.

Overall, this is definitely an experience worth sharing, and a book that will make you smile long after you’ve put it down. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Use Your Illusion is available directly from the Phaze website and from Smashwords.

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