Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stupid Question - Want to Win a Kindle?

Yup, like I said, stupid question - who wouldn't want to win a Kindle? I do so love my Sony, but there's so much content that's only available for the Kindle. I certainly wouldn't mind having a reading relationship both . . . but I guess that's what puts the 'slut' in 'bookslut.'

Anyway, Sparkling Reviews is sponsoring a great contest. If she can hit 500 followers (she's at 621, so the odds are great!), she'll give away 1 Kindle. If she can top that and hit 1000 followers, then she'll give away 1 Kindle with a 50.00 gift card, plus a second 150.00 gift card.

Sparkling Reviews

Check her out . . . and be sure to tell her Sally sent you!

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