Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Support a Great Cause . . . and Win Yourself a E-Reader!

Octavia Butler is one of the grand dames of speculative fiction, an author who has successfully broken both gender and colour barriers with her work. Born into a low-income, racially mixed neighbourhood, she not only had to battle against the limitations of society, but those of her own dyslexia.

Her Xenogenesis series (Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago) and Patternist series (particularly Wild Seed) are famous for their exploration of alternate gender models, while her standalone novel Fledgling is well-known for its exploration on lesbian sexuality. She’s probably best known for her other standalone novel, Kindred, that explores issues of race and slavery through its time-traveling  heroine.

With that said, it’s wonderfully fitting that a scholarship for writers of colour has been established in her name. The Octavia Butler Scholarship is organized by the Carl Brandon Society, which is itself dedicated to racial and ethnic diversity in speculative fiction.

This year, the Carl Brandon Society has chosen to hold an exciting fundraiser to support the scholarship, with five e-readers available to be won (including a Nook, a Kobo, and an Alex), preloaded with a wealth of content. If you want to support a great cause, celebrate a great author, and win yourself an e-reader, then please visit the Society’s webpage for detatils:

Tickets are on sale now through November 22nd, with the drawing of names scheduled to take place on November 23rd.


  1. Such a great cause, and I can't turn down the chance at winning a free ereader. I'm off the buy some ticket.

  2. Hopped in to say hi and am now a follower. Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for posting about this :) We appreciate every signal boost. Today is the last day of the drawing and we're hoping to see one last surge!