Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NEWS: A Novel Gift Campaign (from readergirlz and First Book)

I freely admit to being a Scroogette regarding the holiday season (don't get me started), but even I can't help but be excited by any program, regardless of the season, that helps to share the love of reading with those who appreciate it most.

The self-professing reading Divas over at readergirlz have partnered with First Book to give away more than 125,000 brand-new books to low-income teen readers. The books are available to any group that works with teenagers, including schools, after-school programs, youth groups, community centers, etc.

Whether or not you have teenagers in your life, this is a wonderful cause to support. Please take a few moments and pop on over to read all the details:

rgz and First Book Partner for A Novel Gift! Over 125,000 free books to low-income teens

Kudos to the readergirlz and to First Book - well done, ladies!

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  1. Thank you, Sally! We appreciate your help for low-income teens!