Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UPDATE: GLBT Challenge

With my review of Marvin and the Three Bears complete, I am tickled pink to announce that not only have I completed my GLBT Challenge, and not only have I exceeded my personal target of achieving the Pink Triangle Level, but I have blown away my own expectations and achieved the coveted Rainbow Level!

If you've never been exposed to the challenge before, this is a lovely challenge that is designed to get people reading and to generate discussion about fiction, non-fiction, and poetry with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender themes. In addition to the main challenge, there mini challenges each month on a specific topic (for example, last month was movies, and this month is poetry) that are designed to encourage participants to branch out and sample something new.

I'm very excited to see that the challenge has returned for 2011, and is once again designed to get people reading books about GLBT topics and/or by GLBT authors. What's different for 2011, though, is that there is no requirement for a certain number of books. Instead, each reader sets their own goal to read a certain number of books, to read books from different age groups, to read books from different genres, or something else. Whatever works for you is all that matters, as long as it gets us reading GLBT lit.

There is a prize (a book of the winner's choice from the Book Depository), but the real prize is just being exposed to new authors, thoughts, and ideas.

So, the challenge I'm setting myself for 2011 is two-fold. First, I'm pleding to up my reading total (since I started the 2010 challenge mid-year) and aim for 15 books. Second, I'm pleding to select 5 of those books from age groups and genres that I wouldn't normally read.

What's your challenge going to be?

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