Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NEWS: Interview with Jennifer Finney Boylan

The good folks over at http://io9.com/ (one of my fave morning reads) have a great audio interview posted today with Jennifer Finney Boylan. Best know for her two transgender memoirs, She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders and I'm Looking Through You: Growing Up Haunted, Jennifer is also an accomplish novelist with a brand new young-adult fantasy novel available.

Falcon Quinn and the Black MirrorFalcon Quinn and the Black Mirror is the first book in a new YA series about 13 year-old Falcon Quinn and his neighbors, Max and Megan. When they board bus number 13 for school on an ordinary day in Cold River, they ultimately find themselves on Shadow Island, at the Academy for Monsters. As Falcon's friends begin to unleash and enjoy their monster natures, Falcon is left to wonders if he really is a monster, despite having always felt different, with his one bright blue eye and one shadow-black eye. When he learns that the school's mission is to teach students to hide their aberrant natures, Falcon and his friends need to find a way to fight back for their monster selves.

Pop on over to the io9 site and check out the interview HERE. In it, she talks about playing Girl Planet as a child (I love that story!), being a character on Saturday Night Live, her emotional reaction to The Fellowship of the Ring movie, and her contribution to the It Gets Better program.

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