Friday, March 4, 2011

NEWS: Jodi Picoult tackles gay rights & Victoria Brownworth publishes a lesbian Twilight

Sing You Home: A NovelJodi Picoult, the award-winning author whose stories often tackle controversial subject, has done it again. Her latest, Sing You Home, features a woman who leaves her husband, falls in love with another woman, and then sues for the rights to the frozen embryos from her failed marriage. Sure to be as emotional and engaging as her other works, this time she tackles gay rights, the Christian Right, and reproductive science.

After Ellen has a wonderful interview this week with Jodi, where she talks about her son's coming out and the pressures of tacking such controversial topics. Check it out here.

I'm Here. I'm Queer. What the Hell do I read? Has a great interview with Jodi this morning as well, but Lee takes it one step further - he's introducing Sing You Home as the first read of the TrevorSpace book club! There's a different discussion topic surrounding the book each day, with signed copies available to be won. Check it out here.


SorceressVictoria Brownworth - author, editor, and activist - is leading up a new YA imprint aimed at providing LGBT inclusive titles for the teen & tween set. Tiny Satchel Press already has 2 titles set for this fall, including Sorceress (from LGBT mystery author Greg Herren) and Immortal Longings (from Diane Dekelb-Rittenhouse). Immortal Longings is being promoted as a "lesbian Twilight" novel, featuring a young bi-racial lesbian couple, that updates the classic Elizabeth Bathory vampire story to present-day New York. As much as I'm not a Twilight fan, I still think I'll check this out.

Once again, After Ellen  has the scoop (I so love that site!). Check it out here.

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