Friday, March 11, 2011

NEWS: The Wind Through the Keyhole

There's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere lately about the new, long-awaited George R.R. Martin epic, A Dance with Dragons finally seeing print this summer. The cynical part of me suspects the famously tardy author is being pushed into print in order to captialize on the new HBO Game of Thrones series, but there's no doubt a firm publishing date is much appreciated by the fans. As for me, I'm still struggling through A Feast For Crows, so I guess you can call me a 'lapsed' fan.

Based on the email I received this morning, I am going to suggest there is even bigger, even better news on the horizon - Stephen King has just announced the release date for the The Wind Through the Keyhole . . . the next installment in The Dark Tower saga! OMG! Colour me the happiest fan-girl in the world this morning! Yah!

Set between books IV (Wizard and Glass) and V (Wolves of the Calla), Stephen King offers us this tidbit of information:

There was a storm, I decided. One of sudden and vicious intensity. The kind to which billy-bumblers like Oy are particularly susceptible. Little by little, a story began to take shape. I saw a line of riders, one of them Roland’s old mate, Jamie DeCurry, emerging from clouds of alkali dust thrown by a high wind. I saw a severed head on a fencepost. I saw a swamp full of dangers and terrors. I saw just enough to want to see the rest. Long story short, I went back to visit an-tet with my friends for awhile. The result is a novel called The Wind Through the Keyhole.

Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower, Book 4)     ?     Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower, Book 5)

Said to be shorter than most of the books in the series, but "quite a bit longer" than The Gunslinger, The Wind Through the Keyhole is "finished" and "expected to be published next year." I cannot wait!

Now, if Clive Barker can just find a publisher for the long-awaited Black Is The Devil's Rainbow (featuring the Hellraiser tale Heaven's Reply), finish the final draft of the long-awaited The Scarlet Gospels (his epic Pinhead versus Harry D'Amour novel), and get around to writing the Third Book of the Art (concluding the tale begun in The Great And Secret Show and Everville) all will be right with the world!

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  1. While I'm not waiting for this particular book to come out, I know how exciting it can be when a favorite author or series has a new edition. I'm anxiously waiting for the new Murakami novel myself.