Sunday, April 17, 2011

REVIEW: Sex With Strangers by Lee Harlem Robinson

Sex with Strangers is a companion piece to Lee's “mostly serialized dyke drama in blog form” (check out but it can quite easily be read alone.

What immediately sets it apart from the webserial is that it’s told from Claire’s point of view, as opposed to Lee’s, providing a very different perspective on the overall story. If you’ve been following along online, then you already know the inside of Lee’s head very well, but we so rarely get the opportunity to really understand what motivates her various lovers.

Claire is a sexually adventurous older woman (a bisexual cougar, if you will) on the prowl for the thrill of desire and the power of seduction. Having already been-there-done-that with her ex-husband, she’s not interested in love and romance, and isn’t at all interested in commitment. Lee, on the other hand, is a young woman who is very much interested in love and romance. For her, a relationship is all about commitment, and she wants to know she’s her lover’s one-and-only.

The idea of sex with strangers represents the ultimate freedom for Claire, but an ongoing betrayal for Lee. With such different approaches coming into conflict, it’s no surprise that this turns out to be a very emotional story about relationships . . . and one that will be sure to send you back to Lee’s blog to see where this relationship (and others) is going.

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