Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Celebration Interviews & Giveaways - Week 3

Spring Celebration 2011 - It's Here!

The page has turned in the calendar. The snow has begun to melt, and the flowers are beginning to bud. Spring, the season of transformation and rebirth, is finally upon us!

To help celebrate the season, please join me for interviews, guest posts, and some super giveaways all month long.

A huge thanks to everybody who stopped by last week - our winners for Week 2 have been drawn and will be contacted later today. If you weren't one of them, don't worry . . . there are plenty more chances to win next week!

Here is a taste of what's in store for this week:

  • An interview with always lovely and exciting Giselle Renarde, a fellow Canuck, and one of my favourite erotic authors. Her latest collection is Future Histories: Transgendered Sci-Fi Erotica, but My Mistress' Thighs, a collection of new and old transgender stories, is due to be released soon!
  • An interview with Tom Williams, a writer who, after years of professional and technical writing, has turned his talents to literature. His first novel, The White Rajah, is available JMS Books . . . which means one lucky reader will have the opportunity to claim a copy this week.
Believe it or not, I had no idea this was a short week, with a holiday weekend to distract everyone. I guess that`s what I get for being a bad girl who never goes to church! Anyway, since it is a short week, I`m going to postpone some of the final interviews and recommendations for next week . . . with one HUGE giveaway to say THANKS for a great month.
Thanks to our guests for participating, to our sponsors for helping out, and to you - the readers - for stopping by and taking part!

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  1. Sally, Your blog is always so much fun. It's like walking down Burbon Street in New Orleans on the day before Mardi Gras.


    PS thanks for stopping over at my blog. Did you notice there is a giveaway of "The Lucky One' by Sparks? It's a first edition.