Tuesday, May 3, 2011

GUEST POST: Kane (Author of Aleron)

Good morning, all! It's time for another stop along the The Virtual Book Tour Cafe's literary route, this time featuring Kane, who has stopped by to promote his latest work, Aleron:

AleronAleron must cope with a timeless existence, seeing those he loves suffer the fate of mortality, while he remains cursed with eternal life. What if your immortal origin as well as others of your kind were hidden from you by the one you loved most; the one who gave you into a life of darkness and a lust for the sweetest nectar? These dilemmas and more face Aleron, but he must first learn to live, to survive, and most of all, to feed.

Seduced by the alluring vampire Mynea, Aleron learns what it truly means to be immortal as he adapts to his new life and new insatiable lust. She is teaching him to give her what her maker never has. She desires a new king and a new coven. Hearts, minds, and vampire souls intertwine as long kept secrets crawl out from the grave, refusing to remain buried beneath earth and lies. A blood kiss between them reveals a darker and even deadlier soul that has learned of Aleron’s blasphemous existence. Vlad is the beginning, the father of them all. Mynea must not let her young prince learn of her ancient king. Can a vampire truly love and trust another of his kind when their very lives depend on skillful deceit?

Walking a thin line between life and death, Aleron is certain of one thing, if love is, then blood is.


Kane: Where and When
How many senses are tickled when one reads? Can you smell a sentence? Can you hear an unspoken paragraph? Is it possible to touch a thought? Absolutely. A writer must use the pen to provide a gateway into a person’s perception. How do you accomplish this? This can be achieved by carefully researching the setting and environment of the world or time you are creating or revisiting. For example, everyone knows that Manhattan NY does not sound nor smell like Miami Florida. Likewise, Paris is very different from Athens. Each place has its own distinct feel, smell, taste, as well as look that combine to create its personality. A writer must capture as much uniqueness the setting has to offer then by means of descriptive writing, creates accurate sensory perception in the reader. Of course an apple will differ in taste between individuals, however there remains a commonality.

In addition to place, time is also important. For the earth and everything in it is ever changing as time progresses. Dialect, customs, fashion, structures, and even entire environments evolve with the passage of sand trapped within the glass. A writer must be learned in the era of which the story lives. For the ancient Mycenaeans have very little in common with the current civilization in Greece.

A writer must totally submerge himself in every aspect of the settings place and time to be able to write in such a way as to convey proper inputs for perception. Visiting the location if it still stands, or attaining extensive knowledge if it doesn’t is often required to successfully tickle all the senses. And so when I ask you to meet me, you undoubtedly want to know where and when.

This is the approach I began before writing ‘Aleron’. In an effort to bring authenticity to my story’s setting, I had to research the environment, the culture, the people, and the legend of the undead. To describe a ghastly stench, is to do more than smell it, I had to taste it. How would a gorgon really smell? If one of the Strigoi invited you to dinner, what would be on the menu? What would the accommodations look like for a being that has lived for hundreds of years? How would politics and social issues of the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries affect my cast of unsavory characters? Yes, your senses will surely be tickled while reading my tale of Aleron.



About Kane:
Kane A. has followed the genre of fantastical creatures for as long as he could remember. Though a typical child and diligent student, his imagination never ceased to paint a surrealistic vision that could force many to question their own reality. Early on, Kane expressed his creativity by means of drawing, writing short stories ranging from science fiction to horror, as well as through poetry expressing love, hurt, and betrayal.
His fascination with the undead grew when he studied the history of the witch, werewolf, warlock, and sinking his teeth finally into the world of the vampire. Kane began his first of five novels detailing the lives and challenges of being immortal.

He now resides in Atlanta, GA where he spends the majority of his time writing.


Thanks so much to Kane for stopping by. If you'd like to follow his virtual journey in support of Aleron, check out his schedule on the Calendar of Events page at The Virtual Book Tour Cafe.


  1. Excellent post! So true and I loved it. Thanks for sharing Kane.


  2. Sounds like an interesting read. I may have to find me a copy of this one.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. Enjoy the read!