Saturday, June 18, 2011

My First Interview - Courtesy of Simon Royle

In addition to being a great author (check out my review of his novel Tag), Simon Royle also has a wonderful blog dedicated to independent authors and reviews. It's a great site to check out for news about the indie publishing world, as well as a great place to keep tabs on Simon - who, I am delighted to say, is hard at work on a sequel to Tag

As part of his focus on the indie world, Simon also features a regular IndieView (interview) with the authors and reviewer featured on his site. I'm delighted to be his latest IndieView, and I think you'll find the questions he asks extremely interesting. Check it out here:

IndieView with Sally Saphire of Bibrary Bookslut

A huge thanks to Simon for inviting me to take part . . . I hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Thanks so much for coming on the blog, Sally - I love your site and your reviews so it was a real pleasure to find out more about how you read and review - Thanks!

  2. Nice interview, Sally. I think I agree with all you said (or such a majority of it that I can't think now what I would have said differently). No need to interview me, obviously. :-)