Saturday, June 4, 2011

REVIEW: Twice Bitten by Dave Ferraro

Twice Bitten was a very curious read for me. On the one hand, I enjoyed what was there but, on the other hand, I was disappointed by what wasn’t there – which is entirely unfair to the author.

As a paranormal gay romance for young adults, the book works very well. It captures that sense of adolescent emotional turmoil very well, exploring not just the troubles of being a teenaged celebrity, but of being a gay teenaged celebrity . . . who not only becomes undead, but who becomes a wholly new form of undead that`s part werewolf and part vampire. Talk about pressure! The dialogue (from what I`ve observed at the mall), seems very authentic, and the characters come across as genuine. Granted, I might have liked to see a bit more depth and development, but that`s a minor quibble in a book of this length.

Where I found myself disappointed is with the potential that could have been exploited, had this been written for a different audience. As a complaint, that`s unfair to the author, but it does speaks highly of the story itself. I was sufficiently intrigued by (and attracted to) these young men that I wanted to explore the more adult scenarios we`re used to in the realms of paranormal romance. It`s a shame we couldn’t go there, but also entirely understood.

Definitely an fun concept, with an interesting twist on the vampire werewolf theme, this is a welcome addition to the young adult shelves – I`ll be curious to see what Dave does next.

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  1. Awful, but a good idea. Some of the worst writing I have read - and that alone is saying something. The author needs to do a lot more courses - he has a BA in creative writing - sheesh, which school was THAT??? - as this isn't even technically creative fiction writing.