Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Waiting On" Wednesday - Saints Astray and Legacy of Kings

"Waiting On" Wednesday spotlights upcoming releases that everyone's excited about (created by Jill at Breaking The Spine.)

This week I'm featuring two series that are near the top of my to-be-read pile, and which I suspect will get a good kick-start, knowing there are new entries coming for both:

Saints Astray (Santa Olivia)Saints Astray (Santa Olivia) by Jacqueline Carey: Fellow orphans, amateur vigilantes, and members of the Santitos, Loup Garron-the fugitive daughter of a genetically engineered "wolf man"-and Pilar Ecchevarria grew up in the military zone of Outpost 12, formerly known as Santa Olivia. But now they're free, and they want to help the rest of the Santitos escape. During a series of escapades, they discover that Miguel, Loup's former sparring partner and reprobate surrogate brother, has escaped from Outpost 12 and is testifying on behalf of its forgotten citizens-at least until he disappears from protective custody. Honor drives Loup to rescue Miguel, even though entering the U.S could mean losing her liberty. Pilar vows to help her. It will take a daring and absurd caper to extricate Miguel from the mess he's created but Loup is prepared to risk everything... and this time she has help. [November 22, 2011]

Legacy of Kings: Book Three of the Magister TrilogyLegacy of Kings: Book Three of the Magister Trilogy by C.S. Friedman: The young peasant woman Kamala has proven strong and determined enough to claim the most powerful Magister sorcery for herself-but now the Magisters hunt her for killing one of their own. Her only hope of survival lies in the northern Protectorates, where spells are warped by a curse called the Wrath that even the Magisters fear. Originally intended to protect the lands of men from creatures known only as souleaters, the Wrath appears to be weakening-and the threat of this ancient enemy is once more falling across the land. [September 6, 2011]

How about you? What are you anxiously awaiting next week? Share your comments below, because there's no such thing as having too many books in your TBR pile!


  1. Oooh Saints Astray sounds really good!
    (I set my WOW's in advance, usually do them when I'm on vacation from school so that it's one less thing I have to do while right now, when I should be studying for tomorrow's final!)

  2. Great picks! :)

    I'd read both of those.

  3. oh great wow, thanks for sharing.

    here mine.

  4. They both sound like very good reads! The cover of Saints Astray reminds me of Charlie's Angels for some reason :)

    Come on over and see my WOW for this week.

  5. Oh Saints Astray has a cover! Nice! I just read Santa Olivia a little while ago and thought it was decent (I think the sequel will appeal to me more).

  6. Haven't heard of these! Sound interesting!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Have a GREAT day!

  7. I have yet to read Jacqueline Carey but I have some of her books!

    Thanks for stopping by our wow!
    Under The Covers

  8. New follower. Interesting picks. Love the sound of Saints Astray.

  9. Must admit to not having heard of any of these reads but I do like the sound and the cover of Saints Astray. :)