Friday, August 26, 2011

100 Most Sought-After Out-of-Print Books in America

Now, this is interesting – has just released its list of the 100 most sought-after out-of-print books in America. It’s an interesting list, mostly full of books I’ve never heard of, but there are some notable surprises, especially in the top 10.

Check it out HERE.

Madonna comes in at #1 with Sex, her silver-foil wrapped coffee-table companion piece to her Erotica album. Extremely controversial when it was released, I managed to get my hands on a copy through a friend who worked in a bookstore. I still have it, although I was forced to take it off my shelf because everybody seems to want to flip through it, and the pages were getting torn.

Surprisingly, Stephen King comes in at #3 and #4 with Rage and My Pretty Pony. Originally available in The Bachman Books collection, King allowed Rage to fall out of print in response to the Heath High School shooting in West Paducah, Kentucky. Personally, I loved The Bachman Books, and I thought Rage was a fantastic story. As for My Pretty Pony, it was a limited edition piece for the Whitney Museum of American Art, but has since been republished in the Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection.

Other surprising authors on the list include Norman Mailer, Ray Bradbury, Carl Sagan, Philip K. Dick, Ben Bova, and Glen Cook.

As a self-admitted bookslut, I have my own list of ‘most sought-after out-of-print books’ that I keep hand in my Blackberry, and refer to every time I find a used bookstore:

Brad Clayton - Queen of Hearts
Stewart Farrar - Forcible Entry
Dael Forest - Barba the Slaver & Haesel, the Slave
Valory Gravois - Cherry Single
Auctor Ignotus - AE: The Open Persuader
Richard Kirk - Swordsmistress of Chaos
Brian Lumley - The Plague-Bearer
Patrick Macnee - Avengers: Deadline & Avengers: Dead Duck
Russ Miller - The Impossible Transplant
Seabury Quinn - Alien Flesh
Mack Reynolds -Amazon Planet
Cheryl Ann Sanders - The Sunday Game
David Westheimer - Olmec Head

Good to know, in case you’re ever looking for a really great present (hint, hint), or have a tip that might make a bookslut very happy!

How about you – what book is it you desperately hope to find when you step between those tall, musty-smelling stacks of used books?

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  1. I'm hoping for a copy of Fred Saberhagen's The Dracula Tape. I used to have two, but loaned them out and they never came back. I can get a Nook version now, though, so whenever I feel the urge to read it, it's only a few clicks away.