Thursday, August 18, 2011

REVIEW: Sissy For Sale & Forced To Serve Her by Victoria Foxxe

Sometimes I’m in the mood to get lost in a story that’s full of intrigue and imagination, and sometimes I just want to kick off my heels, unbutton my blouse, and have a little fun. Today is all about the fun, with a double-dose of depraved delights, brought to you by Victoria Foxxe’s Erotic Tales series.

Erotic Tales: Sissy For SaleLet me start by telling you about bit of literary foreplay that is Sissy for Sale. I’m sure it’s no surprise to regular readers that I love transgender themed erotica, so this may seem like an obvious choice, but it was actually the concept of the loving, supportive (and exploitative) spouse that caught my attention. For me, that definitely upped the eroticism a notch, and I’m quite delighted to say it was definitely worth a read. Victoria does a lovely job of setting things up, first letting us inside Nathan’s head, and then into his closet. The attention devoted to feminizing Nathan is detailed enough to appease the fetishist, yet not so exhaustive as to infringe on the causal reader’s patience. As for the game of seduction and submission at the bar, it is definitely fun (with just a bit of an edge), and the sexual escapades that follow are both realistic and erotic.

Erotic Tales: Forced To Serve HerWith the foreplay out of the way, let me tell you a bit about the main event, Forced to Serve Her. Once again, there is a transgender element here, but what attracted me to this story was the transformation of a platonic friendship into an intimate D/S relationship. I loved the gradual way in which this story developed, with Jesse falling into (and out of) a hopeless marriage, and then confessing his deepest fantasies (online) to an old friend. When Mistress Natalia begins to indulge him from afar, safely and physically distanced from his fantasies, he is left uncertain of both his role and her motivations. Watching him submit, virtually and in isolation, is somehow more powerful than having him physically beneath her heel. When that heel does come down, it’s accompanied by that of the far more demanding Ms. Ginger, who assists in pushing both Jesse and the reader over the edge.

Also available together in Sissy Stories: Two Erotic Sissy Tales, these are paired pieces of ‘fluff’ erotica that definitely deliver on the initial tease. While the subject matter may be something you can otherwise find online, the quality of the writing is a definitely more polished, and the way in which Victoria pays attention to the smallest details really sets these stories apart. Both, of course, end far too soon, but that’s okay – it’s always better to leave the reader wanting more, than to wear out your welcome.

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