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INTERVIEW: Xavier Axelson (author of The Incident)

Good morning, all! Stopping by for a quick chat today is Xavier Axelson, here to promote his latest work, The Incident.

Xavier is a writer of erotica and horror who has worked in the adult industry for over 15 years. During this time, he has assisted countless people with exploring their healthy sexual needs, questions, and lifestyles. He first lectured at a college regarding sexual health at the age of 19. He has trained as a dungeon master, worked for a notorious Hollywood Madame as a consultant, and as a talent agent for the adult film industry.  Presently he works for a leader in the sexual technology industry where he helps people daily with tips, advice, and guidance on how to have a more satisfying sexual life, no matter what the preference, kink, or interest. He has several degrees in fields such as communications, library technology, and literature.

Before we get into Xavier's interview, let's take a quick look at The Incident:

The Incident
Officer Michael Carmac is a small town cop whose life is turned upside down by a horrific incident that neither he, nor the community he serves can forget.  While Michael’s long-time friend and partner officer Bertram Angel offers support and friendly companionship during Carmac’s ordeal, Michael soon finds his feelings for Angel turning from friendship to something more.  As Michael’s thoughts of guilt and personal responsibility over the incident intensify so do his emotions for Angel and the realization that love may be the only way to heal his wounded heart.

Without further ado, please welcome Xavier Axelson!


♥ For those who may be new to your writing, and who haven't yet checked out your latest release, please tell us a little about yourself.

For starters, I never thought I'd be writing Gay Erotica!  Even though most of my adult career has been in the "adult industries"  I assumed I would be writing horror or children's stories.  My first story "Christmas Eve at The Powers That Be Cafe," was published last December with Silver Publishing.  Since then I have published sevral other erotic titles and also write a column over at the Examiner where I interview off-beat celebrites and attempt to give out sex advice when the mood strikes.

♥ Do you have a schedule or a routine to your writing? Is there a time and place that you must write, or do you let the words flow as they demand?

I write for two hours mid morning and then two more hours at night.  I have to be regimented about writing, otherwise I'll find a million reasons not to do it. Like, oh yeah, there's a star that hasn't been named yet!  I better think of one.  I like to write at home but will occassionally sneak off to the library to at least get around other people.

♥ Do you have a soundtrack to your writing, a particular style of music or other background noise that keeps you in the mood, or do you require quiet solitude?

I need solitude and peace and quiet.  Obviously, this is not always possible.  But I adapt.  I wrote a short story while I was supposed to be docent-ing in a Showcase House of Design.  I literally had a tiny notebook and would write a sentence here and there in between explaining what kind of antique tile surrounded the fireplace.  The story was actually about the house and how it must feel having strangers tramping on its back all day.

♥ Is there a favourite quote or scene from your work that you feel particularly fond of? Something that reminds you of why writing is important to you?

There's a scene in The Incident that I love that involved a chocolate pie.  I mentioned this on Facebook and the scene kind of took on a life of its own.  There was such an ongoing buzz about the cops and the pie that it just kind of blew up, so much so that I included a recipe for chocolate pie in the back of the book!  I love that people got so excited and turned on by it.  It's that excitement that inspires me to write.

♥ When you're not writing (or reading), what are some of the hobbies and passions that keep you happy?

I a beach person.  I love going to the beach, I love cooking and I have a coven of black cats that keep me pretty occupied.  I also love nature and spend alot of time around plants.

♥ When writing, do you ever consider how a reader or reviewer will react, or do you write solely for your own satisfaction?

I write for myself first.  I can't control how anyone is going to react to my writing.  I just hope people will react.  If they react then I feel that my writing has done its job.

♥ What first compelled you to begin writing, and what is it that keeps you motivated?

I've always been a voracious reader.  My mother likes to tell people that when I was a baby she put a stack of books by my crib and I would reach and twist the book to get it through the bars on my crib! So, I think reading so much made me want to tell stories like those that I read.  I was hugely influenced by Richard Adams and Watership Down and still am.  I'm sure evryone who reads interviews about me is sick of seeing his name!  One of the first things I remember writing was a story like Watership Down but with Squirrels!

♥ If you could live a day in the world of someone else's story, whose would you choose, and why?

I've actually thought about this.  I would love to have lived for a day back in the days of Henry VIII.  I would either want to be Henry or Anne Boelyn.  I love rebellious historical figures, people who challenged the norms and looked around and decided things had to chnage.  Nothing happens without drama.  If people werent dramatic there would be no history.

♥ Is there a particular theme or message you're expecting readers to take away from your work?

I've learned not to expect anything particular when it comes to what people will take away, because people interpret everything so differently.  I've had people tell me they've taken something completely different then what I intended and that's awesome.  I love when readers make the story theirs.

♥ What can we look forward to from you next? Is there a project on the horizon that you're really excited about?

I have all kinds of things happening.  Look for my third release with Seventh Window Publications called "The Birches" that should be released sometime in Novemeber.  There will also be a print collection of my three novellas Dutch's Boy, The Incident, and "The Birches," which hopefully will be out in time for the holidays.  I then have my third release, "Lily," with Silver Publishing coming out in January.  I just finished my 7th novella, "Earthly Concerns," and have two completed horror novels that I have to get busy editing.  I'm excited about it all. 


Thanks so much to Xavier for stopping by! I'll be reviewing The Incident in the coming weeks, so please be sure to stop back and find out all the glorious details.

In the meantime, Xavier has provided us with this short tease:

Michael leaned towards Angel, the cold pie plate the only thing between them. Michael's heart was pounding and he could feel Angel’s breath soft on his face.

“No, it’s like right by your mouth, on the right,” Michael said.

Somewhere a night bird called out and the only reply was the incessant symphony coming from the bugs in the trees, but Michael didn’t hear anything except his own tormented thoughts clashing against his physical desires. Sweat had begun to run down his back and he shivered as he felt his spine twitch with excitement.

“Did I get it?” Angel asked, making another swipe at his face.

Michael leaned in, his hands shaking, the pie plate feeling slippery in his other hand. “Here,” he said as he pressed a shaking finger against Angel’s cheek. “Right here,” the last word was more a pant as he wiped the offending chocolate from Angel’s face. 

Michael thought he saw something in Angel’s eyes when he touched him but he wasn’t sure. Although he wanted Angel more than words, he was terrified that what he thought he saw wasn’t real.

“Mikey,” Angel breathed, coming closer.  He put a hand on Michael’s arm and pulled him close. “Do it, whatever you’re thinking, do it.”

“I can’t,” Michael whispered.

Angel leaned so close that their lips were just about touching. “I’ll make it easy on you.” Angel ran his tongue over Michael’s lips. “Just do it.”

Michael felt the world beginning to slide sideways, and somewhere he heard the sound of something breaking.

Was this real? 

His mind screamed for him to stop, to pull away, but Angel’s smell, his breath so close was making it hard to move, to breathe, to think. Before he could answer his raging thoughts, he found himself kissing Angel.


If you'd like to learn more about Xavier (and you know you do!), you can check him out at:

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  1. Great interview! I'm a summer person so my favorite place is the beach as well. And I so remember Watership Down the movie and the book :) That took me back a bit, LOL
    So sorry I missed the convo about chocolate pie! I'll definitely have to read this book ;)