Thursday, September 8, 2011

REVIEW: How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room by Sibel Hodge

This was a quick, fun read that kept me smiling (and, at times, laughing out loud) from beginning to end. Even though I tend to break up short story collections, allowing time for one story to process before starting the next, the dog and I curled up in our favourite easy chair last night and read this from cover to cover.

Okay, so I did more reading than the dog, but she did look up every time I laughed!

Anyway, these are short stories – anecdotes, almost, in some cases – that remind me of the wilder stories we tell one another over one too many glasses of wine. Some of them are a little far-fetched, and I will admit to a few groans of disbelief, but that’s precisely what you expect for stories like that. I’m not sure I buy the ‘toilet dyslexia’ excuse of the first story (as much as I love it!), but I can completely sympathise with the destructive power of self-taught yoga . . . and I promise I will never look at a tic tac quite the same way ever again!

Not exactly the kind of book I’d recommend if you’re looking to get lost in a storyline, but definitely a good choice for an afternoon diversion, especially on a gloomy pre-Autumn day.

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