Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just for laughs - a sampling of recent spam comments

Despite the occasional problems and glitches Blogger may have, I must say its spam filter for comments is rock-solid. In the least year and a half I can count on one hand the number of comments that have evaded the filter. On the other hand, I would need both hands, both feet, and a surrogate limb to count the number of comments that have been caught by the filter in the last day!

Since some of the comments give me a chuckle - as I hit the DELETE button - I thought I'd share a few with you. Read, smile, shake your head, and enjoy:

Climbing Gowns must adapt mountaineering environmental conditions, of design, material selection, materials, production in order to create its lightweight, strong, efficient, furthermore am I going to content multi-purpose Moncler Outlet Jackets

♥ Climbing gowns, eh? Not quite sure what they look like, but something tells me Angelina Jolie could totally rock one!

I was on my normal internet routine, and i got Anti virus Live. it took me an hour to get rid of it, i just want to know how i got it so i can prevent it

♥ Wow, I hate it when you accidentally get infected with an anti-virus program – I mean, where do you find the virus to get rid of it?

A great deal of fitness or body freaks hit gyms to obtain beautifully shaped and chiseled which fascinate nearly all one. There are numerous who don’t agree to this! Oh occur, just accept this fact! That will not would like to ascend to a seaside inside of a sleeveless tee . . .

♥ You have to appreciate the idea of a shaped and chiseled . . .  well, something . . . that nearly manages to fascinate . . . um, one person. To that you must occur! (LOL). I also love the idea of actually ascending to a seaside, although I have to wonder where you would be ascending from that isn't already under water.

is this a virus attack. what should i do now?

♥ I'm not a computer expert by any means, but I'd suggest you stop posting immediately and never go near a computer again. In this case, it sounds like the virus is between the chair and the keyboard!

granny in latex pretty woman le film thai to english translator big bear lake motels kiss swallow megaupload my mom naked

♥ Hmm, I'm guessing your rather kinky grandmother was watching a Thai version of Pretty Woman in some cheap motel while she uploaded naked photos of your mom. Am I even close? You know, steam of conciousness may work for some writers, but I find punctuation is pretty awesome. :)

Wonderful stuff imho. Keep posting this way! Rose Camson escorts netherlands
Good blog imho. Keep it up! 21Jane 23Wilson black uk escorts

♥ Apparently, when they're not busy with clients, ladies of the night like to curl up with a good book . . . and my blog. Who knew?!


  1. I just checked mine and I didn't have any :)
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  2. Because I'm reading this after waking early, I misread the first spam as "Gambling Clowns" instead of "Climbing Gowns." I have to say if you make this switch it becomes a rather brilliant piece of found poetry.