Friday, October 21, 2011

SHORT STORY REVIEW: Ghost Lover by Michelle Fawkes

On a chilly, windy, rainy October night, there are few things better than snuggling beneath the covers with a Ghost Lover. The writing here is perfect for the subject material – beautiful, full of atmosphere, and softly sensual – and the story develops slowly, building to a fitting climax.

However, writing quality aside, I’m of two minds about the actual plot. On the one hand, I loved the ghost story, and found it completely believable. On the other hand, I had issues with the ‘mortal’ characters (aside from Celia), and found their actions completely unbelievable. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations of Eddie, but his early betrayal really jarred me out of the story, and his subsequent actions really had me scratching my head. He and Buddy almost seem like stock horror movie props, more tools of deus ex machina than actual characters. Fortunately, the ghost story of Celia and Andre is more than strong enough to compensate and forgive the weaker aspects.

I loved how that first spectral meeting was so brief, so tentative, so ethereal. There’s no sudden explosion of seduction and sexuality, just a touching, almost sad moment between lovers. Celia’s investigation into the house’s history sheds some light on the encounter, and establishes a tragically romantic back-story that really pulls the story together. It also leaves us with questions, making the circumstances of her return to the haunted house very uncertain.

It’s no spoiler to say we do get to see the lovers come together, to enjoy an erotic scene of ghostly sexuality, and I’m pleased to say the happily-ever-after ending is well worth the wait.

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