Saturday, October 29, 2011

SHORT STORY REVIEW: Seducing My Beefcake Roommate by Nathan J Morissey

Seducing My Beefcake Roommate is a wonderfully-written story, with a horribly-crafted (perhaps deliberately provocative) title. The two don’t seem to mesh, which means it wasn’t quite the story I expected, but perhaps more of a pleasant surprise because of it.

This is a touching tale of forbidden love once lost, and then found, only to be lost again. It’s also a story of dreams, and of how far reality often veers from those dreams. It’s a remarkably romantic story that manages to pack a lot of emotion into a minimum of words. While it has its erotic elements, particularly towards the end, they’re less the focus and more a flavouring.

Both characters are very well-developed, so much so that you know there’s a life lived off the page. Not that the life lived on the page isn’t complete, but you really have the sense that these are real people who continue to exist through both ends of the story.

Sadly, we don’t get a happily ever after, but the ending is still a satisfying one.

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