Monday, November 28, 2011

REVIEW: Golden Dancer by Tara Lain

Golden Dancer is a story of contrasts, featuring an nice guy living the sordid life of an investigative reporter, a carefree billionaire acting the role of art thief, and a ballet dancer whose androgynous beauty masks his hypermasculine skill and agility. It's the story where nothing is immediately what it seems, including the 'straight' reporter who finds himself to inexplicably attracted to a dancer for the second time in his life.

Make no mistake, this is one hot read, featuring some very inventive scenes of man-on-man-on-man love. It's both steamy and romantic, sometimes at the same time, with a ménage that should be awkward . . . bordering on uncomfortable even . . . but which is just more exhilirating for the element of danger. More importantly, it's a story where the threesome seems to develop quite naturally, without any convenient bets, dares, or coincidences to set things in motion.

This is also a solid mystery story, however, featuring some thrilling scenes of action and adventure, gorgeous set pieces, and a great collection of supporting characters. I got so engrossed in the storyline that, at times, I completely forgot this was an erotic romance, and was almost shocked to find a trio of naked men emerging onto the page!

Well-written, and just close enough to the edge of plausible to be both realistic and fun, this is a book that could definitely make a Tara Lain fan out of you.

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  1. Thank you so much, Sally, for your time in reading the book. I am so happy you liked it!!