Thursday, November 24, 2011

REVIEW: Say Yes, Alice by Sidonie Spice

Short, hot, and suggestively taboo, Sidonie Spice's Say Yes, Alice makes for a fantastic late-night read.

The formative years of Alice's adolescent life saw her being babysat by the two young women next door. Intrigued by their relationship, and excited by her late-night glimpses of their lovemaking, Alice continued to insist upon their presence long after most young women would have been proclaiming their maturity and demanding their independence.

Now eighteen, Alice no longer has the opportunity to watch, but she can still hear through the paper-thin walls of their building. Of course, sound goes both ways, and she soon discovers that her ex-babysitters have been listening to her pleasuring herself to the sounds of their lovemaking . . . and have decided to invite her to join them.

What follows is a wonderful night of sexual discovery and amorous education involving the three women that carries with it a suggestion of the taboo, turning babysitters into teachers, and which forges a newbond between the three young women. Graphic, but not vulgar, this is a deliciously erotic tale!

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