Thursday, November 24, 2011

REVIEW: She-Cat by Natasza Luca

She-Cat is a deliciously odd story about a dangerously seductive woman who is as secretive, curious, and callous as a cat. She's not a woman you would want to cross, and perhaps not even a woman you'd want to befriend for, like the wickedest of cats, she has claws and is liable to turn.

Coming into the story, I expected something a bit more comic, but was quite delighted to find that it was, instead, darkly and suggestively amusing. This is not a laugh-out-loud story, but a guilty-kind-of-smirk and smile story. You can't help but appreciate Felicia's catlike qualities, and her personality is so carefully constructed that witty little double-entendres come across as cruelly playful.

The way in which she toys with her neighbours, Janey and Jesse, is wholly unnerving. Half of her intentions are good (the half which involves rescuring Janey from her boyfriend's abuse), but her methods are definitely chilling. As for the other half of her intentions . . . well, let's just say it leads to a new and awkward kind of relationship that leaves you feeling a little on edge.

Thoroughly enjoyable, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a quirky story about a darkly seductive heroine who is as both as good and as wicked as her word.

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