Sunday, January 8, 2012

Now Available - Frock Issue 12

I am delighted to announce that Issue #12 of Frock Magazine is now available, once again featuring my "From the Shelves of the Bibrary" book review column. This month's column features some 'covert' reads - otherwise mainstream novels and memoirs that can safely be shared with friends and love ones, but featuring strong transgender themes, allowing them to be used as a kind of literary litmus test of acceptance and understanding.

Completely free, and available digitally, Frock Magazine is one of the finest transgender lifestyle magazines around, and one that prides itself on being coffee-table friendly (i.e. free of any erotic content, suggestive ads, etc.).

Don't just pick it up for my column, though - the magazine has a wonderful variety of articles and features, looks absolutely gorgeous, and is a wonderful read. Please hop on over to Frock Magazine and give it a read today!

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