Monday, January 9, 2012

REVIEW: Chains and Chocolate by Bonnie Bliss

Chains and Chocolate is . . . well, and erotic tale of chains and chocolate. You can’t be any more up front with the reader than that! Actually, this is a sweetly (pun intended) erotic story with a real-life twist that makes it more accessible to a novice reader, while still managing to entertain the most experience hardcore BDSM aficionado.

Here we have Marie, a young woman who has always dreamed of submitting to the perfect Master, and who has worked to bring her boyfriend into the fantasy. Initially reluctant, seeing it as a depraved, perverted, unnecessarily harsh activity, Neil’s resistance slowly crumbled before his wife’s insistence. With some heavy training behind them, the now happily married couple have moved into the dream house and are ready to christen their personal dungeon.

This is a story of a relationship brought closer through the shared joys of dominance and submission. It’s not just a story of a power exchange, but of an emotional exchange as well. It’s a very intimate story as well, taking place in the home, between two people who clearly love each other very much. There’s no public humiliation involved, no club scene, and no exaggerated fetish lifestyle. The story begins with the domestic banality of doing laundry, and ends with the domestic eroticism of melted chocolate in the kitchen. More than that, it’s a story that explores life on the other side of the fantasy, with Neil taking care of Marie afterwards (something we all too rarely see in BDSM fiction).

As for the writing, it’s sharp and crisp, conveying an immediacy to the scene. The characters are so wonderfully developed that you really come to care for them, and to enjoy the scene with them. It’s also a very hot read, with lovingly detailed descriptions of just what Marie must endure as the hands of her beloved.

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  1. This review was sooooo worth the wait! I am so glad you liked it. The sequel to that is almost done and will be out Jan. 24th!

    SQUEE! What a beautiful review!