Thursday, January 12, 2012

REVIEW: The Crossdressing Anthology Volume 1 by HunnyDo

A collection of HunnyDo's first five published stories, The Crossdressing Anthology is a rather well-written collection of transvestite erotica that could, admittedly, benefit from one more round of proofreading, but which is still a cut above much of the self-published erotica available on Amazon.

What immediately struck me with the collection is the common thread of self-confidence, acceptance, and even pride that links the stories. In each story, the protagonist is somebody entirely at peace with their gender diversity, and only too happy to acknowledge being a sissy. There is no self-conscious angst, no paralyzing fears, and no all-consuming doubts to detract from the experience. As a result, the humiliation and degradation that is so often common to the 'sissy' sub-genre of transgender erotica is refreshingly absent.

Each story is anchored very much in the realm of fantasy, with a common theme of being caught or exposed, but they're all plausible fantasies. Okay, so maybe Sissy Girl's First Date is a bit too good to be true, and maybe Sissy’s Biker Adventure stretches the limits of plausibility, but not so much that fantasy disconnects you from the story. Before we get to the fantasy, however, we get a nice amount of character building and exploration. Each story introduces us to the sissy protagonist, allowing us to get to know them as real, relate-able, identifiable people before we slip into their fantasy world. Again, getting back to the idea of self-confidence, these are sissies from otherwise normal homes, with otherwise normal, responsible lives, who just happen to express their gender and sexuality a bit differently.

Perhaps what struck me most about the stories, though, was the attention to detail. Clothing is, as you might expect, described in just enough detail to allow the reader to share in the joy of crossdressing, but not so much that it gets redundant. From colours, to fabrics, to textures, to the very feel of the material against the skin, and (perhaps most importantly) to the emotions evoked by dressing, it's all here. Even more delightful are the little cosmetic touches that add a bit of sparkle to the story, like the "beautiful, bright pink Mercedes two door convertible" and the "sterling Silver butt plug . . . adorned with a very large blue sapphire."

Make no mistake, these are very erotic tales, and absolutely meant for adults only. You're never going to find them shelved next to great literature at the local Chapters or Barnes & Noble, but they are (as I said originally) a definite cut above much of what can be found online. If you're at all curious about the lovely HunnyDo, this is a nice collection, appropriately priced, and well-suited to exploring her world.

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