Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some recent news, reads and reviews . . .

Sorry for my absences so far this year, but life has been quite chaotic and I haven't had much time for blogging. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon, but figured I'd pop by to let everyone know what's happening.

As of Monday, my awards program reading/judging is officially done for another year. This year's reading load was especially heavy, and I look forward to sharing some quick thoughts on all the finalists once the awards themselves are announced (don't want to jump the gun or give anything away!). I am delighted to say that my 2nd choice came out on top for one program, and I helped persuade my fellow judges to nudge my fave into 1st place in the other program, so I call that a very successful year!

If you haven't had a chance to stop by and check out Frock Magazine's recent face-lift, you definitely should stop by. The site is looking absolutely gorgeous, and the next issue is coming along beautifully. Not only will the next issue feature my review of Angie Bowie's Lipstick Legends, but I had the great pleasure of interviewing Angie about the book, so be sure to look for that! If you've ever wanted to read a first-person account of the rise to fame of artists like David Bowie, Alice Cooper, and The New York Dolls, or just wanted to indulge in a little backstage gossip, it's a really fun read with a wonderful message of acceptance and tolerance.

Fear not, I am still reading, and will have a ton of reviews to post soon. Tops of my list to talk about are:

♥ Giselle Renarde's Licorne (lesbians and unicorns!)
♥ Kate Bornstein's A Queer and Pleasant Danger (Scientology, transsexualism, and LGBTQ politics . . . all in one place!)
♥ Donald Allen Kirch's The Lurker War (a sequel to the fun and fantastic The Misadventures of Ka-Ron the Knight)
♥ Brandon Shire's Listening To Dust (his follow-up to The Value of Rain),
D.B. Story's Synthia The Early Days (the latest in his always fun Fembot series)

♥ Michael Quadland's Offspring (which just sounds like a fun bit of awkward romantic drama)
♥ Alex Owens' Kill Me (a wonderfully quirky paranormal fantasy)

It sounds funny, but I really miss our Waiting on Wednesday adventures, our Friday Follows, and our Mailbox Mondays. With a little more time opening up in my schedule soon, I'm looking forward to getting back into all of them, and reconnecting with friends and fellow readers.


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