Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frock Magazine - Issue 15 Now Available (and it's free!)

I am delighted to announce that Issue #15 of Frock Magazine is now available, once again featuring my "Frock Books" review column. This month's column was a ton of fun, and features an interview with the lovely Angie Bowie, author of Lipstick Legends.

The column had a bit of a facelift this month, and I must say it looks fabulous!

Completely free, and available digitally, Frock Magazine is one of the finest transgender lifestyle magazines around, and one that prides itself on being coffee-table friendly (i.e. free of any erotic content, suggestive ads, etc.).

Don't just pick it up for my column, though - the magazine has a wonderful variety of articles and features, looks absolutely gorgeous, and is a wonderful read. Please hop on over to Frock Magazine and give it a read today!


  1. I went over and took a look, even though I'm just a "regular" old mom with four "regular" kids - and a gay brother. I think Frock is an interesting magazine. I read a few of the articles - great reporting.

    Thanks for the link. I think more "norms" (lol, they THINK they're norms) should take a look at literature like this. Maybe there would be less judgement and more acceptance.

  2. I forgot to add - though I have four "regular kids" - I also have two grandchildren. And right now, for whatever reason, my grandson loves the color pink. Both grandchilren spend weekends with us. Twice now, the grandson has wanted to dress up in his cousin's clothes. She laughs and dresses up in his clothes. They'll spend a few hours like that. The first time, Grandpa started to get a little uptight. I told him to shut up and let them play. Kids should never ever be made to feel awkward over wearing something....then again, we have caught the two making out - at three and four years of age. LOL. We don't allow any negative comments on that either - just try to redirect them. I'm never sure if I'm handling things right and not sure how the mom would feel about the boy dressing in girls clothes. His dad also lets him, tells him he looks nice.
    We're all just muddling through life.