Monday, May 14, 2012

REVIEW: Licorne by Giselle Renarde

Licorne is a short, sweet, romantic tale that Giselle aptly describes as a "trans lesbian fantasy-ish short story."

It's hard to say much without giving away all it's secrets, but this is the tale of a relationship that is (at best) misunderstood and (at worst) forbidden. Galiana is a beautiful young virgin, in love with a stunning unicorn by the name of Licorne. While her parents approve, society at large is not so understanding. When Galiana's home is attacked and her family slain, Licorne uses the magic of her horn to carry the young maiden to safety.

With literally nothing left to lose, Galiana welcomes the chance to spend a night alone with Licorne, secure in the magical mid-world of Limen. There, for one night only, Licorne is able to reveal her human form and consummate her love for Galiana. The unicorn's human form isn't quite what the maiden expected, however, prompting some very serious discussion surrounding love, lust, gender . . . and what happens to a unicorn's horn in transformation.

Giselle absolutely shines with these kinds of confrontations, pairing honest, sincere emotional outbursts with thought-provoking arguments. Of course, she never allows a confrontation to end poorly, and the make-up sex is always worth it! She never fetishes the expression of gender but, instead, incorporates is as part of the romance. To say that there's a happy ending for all is a given, but (as always) the experience in getting there is lovely to behold.

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