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GUEST POST: The Appeal of Public Sex by Bonnie Bliss

The Appeal of Public Sex
by Bonnie Bliss

Now, in all fairness, not everyone has an exhibitionist kink. I just happen to be one of those people that, if you wouldn't get arrested for getting down in the middle of the park--I would be doing it all the time. Yes, my kink stems from a need that deep. My husband however, is not as needy as I am. He enjoys the thrill of possibly getting caught, but not so much the intimate display of performing for others. I am all his, end of.

Therefore, I have to act out my need in a healthier and more legal fashion. In my books! In Bondage on the 4th of July, our girl Millie is caught in the middle of a D/s ménage in the middle of her backyard while the fireworks are going off.

Is this a fantasy of mine?

You bet it is. When I first came up with this scene in my brain, I knew that I had to give it a voice, bring it to life, and tell a story. I needed a girl that was fighting for a bit of freedom. I needed two men that weren't afraid to take a risk. And I needed a scenario that would still wrap together a happily ever after, or rather, a happy for now ending that would please the reader. In all my internal banter, I came up with Millie, Brad, and Kenny. The token girl next door and two Marines that are home on leave for only a week. You can just imagine all that sexual tension wrapped up, especially considering that Millie and Brad have been hopelessly in love with one another since High School. Unafraid and unwilling to spoil a friendship, I created Kenny. The smart mouthed Texan unafraid to give a woman what she needs, and allow his best friend to live out his dream. For him to also get the girl he wants.

So, where there is a fantasy, there is also one hell of a hot sexual encounter to be had. Will I one day be able to live out this dream of having a ménage under fireworks. I would say no. For me my husband (Sir) is the only man for me. Will he take me under the blast of fireworks with just the two of us, a picnic bench, and some rope?

Well, that remains to be seen--it's not July 4th yet.


Bondage on the 4th of July is now Available!

Millie Newton has been in love with her neighbor and best friend, Brad Cooper for as long as she can remember. She harbored a secret crush for years, hoping for the one chance with him. It was stolen from her when he enlisted in the Marines, and was sent away. The last time he was home on leave she missed him. This time, at the 4th of July block party she knows it is her chance to get what she wants. Only a surprise has come along with Brad, his buddy, Kenny Willet. She has no clue that Brad is a Dominant in the BDSM scene in Chicago, and Kenny is a Sexual Sadist. Millie simply decides its time. When Brad and Kenny decide they want her together, fireworks erupt in a 4th of July spectacular that none of them anticipated.



The voice slid over her flesh like wet silk--cool, damp, but altogether appealing when confronted with it. Her fingers wiggled, tiny tremors took over her body and her phone slipped right from her hands into the grass. Millie hadn't looked up yet. Her throat contracted to get rid of the abundance of saliva that filled her mouth. Her gaze shifted to see the large, callused hands that picked up her phone before disappearing from sight. Visibly shaken by his sudden appearance, she gave herself a firm mental reprimand, and allowed her gaze to travel up his body. His jeans encased firm things, a tight t-shirt covered steel like abs, and broad shoulders that could keep her safe for the rest of her life. Finally, her eyes locked with his. The devastating smile that decorated his masculine features made her want to sigh like some virgin in a Harlequin novel. He was perfect. For her, he was everything she wanted in a man, and that would never change. To be with any other man would be settling for second best. She didn't want to settle. She wanted him, and this time around she would have him.

Get it together, Millie.

Pressing her lips together, and rising from her chair, she launched herself at Brad. He caught her easily, with a deep, rolling chuckle that made her heart beat faster, and wetness to seep between the now swelling slit between her legs. It was so much, it was overload, and she could feel her skin start to heat with a blush. His thick arms wrapped around her back and waist and she buried her face in his shoulder.

“I'm missed you, dummy.” She nearly purred against the bare flesh of his neck.

“Missed you too, kid.”

It was like ice water between her legs.


She wanted to scream, cry, and then punch him in the face. Her nipples were like hard pebbles poking through her tank top and against his chest, and he didn't feel that? Kid? Her inner musings were shut down as he loosed his grip and started to slide her down his body. She avoided eye contact.

“I'm glad your home. Food is over there if you want any.”

She was abrupt and wanted to get away to plan a new form of attack. Maybe she needed to change into a skirt with no panties.

God, you're not a slut, Millie.

No, she wasn't. But she had seen him laughing and flirting with those other girls from the neighborhood, and they were all in micro minis and tube tops. She was the cute girl next door with shorts and a tank top.

“Millie I--“

“Hey, buddy, aren't you going to introduce me to the infamous best friend.”


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