Thursday, June 21, 2012

REVIEW: Consequences by Mark Andrews

Consequences by Mark Andrews is as sadistic a book as one can ever imagine.

It’s a story about the settling of scores of a woman scorned. If one can find redeeming social value in this over-the-top, extreme and cautionary tale, it could only be that it serves as a warning to be cautious about stealing away another's love or you may pay. The reparation here though, seems a bit stronger than one might expect from ordinary Karma.

As the narrative unfolds, Judy’s fiancĂ© leaves her for another woman. The spurned Judy, our protagonist, pours out her heart to Dr. Partridge, a renowned psychiatrist. Although Judy begins her psychotherapy in the throes of a deep, dark depression, she is amazed to soon learn that the good doctor can do much more than assist her to process her feelings. Dr. Partridge presents a horrible and diabolical plan of vengeance and the two conspiratorial women launch a plot against Amelia, the sultry temptress who stole away Judy’s fiancĂ©.

It’s a highly unorthodox yet perfect answer that makes The Island of Doctor Moreau, appear like Mary Poppins. As my caution to prospective readers, this work is a complete horror show, presenting the worst elements of human behavior.

It’s mean-spirited and disgusting yet, I couldn’t put it down.

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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