Monday, June 4, 2012

REVIEW: Fool Moon by Karin Bishop

Karin Bishop's Fool Moon is a mostly riveting book, though at the mid-point a little too drawn out. This is a story about a young man who comes to terms with his own gender identity, while addressing the prejudices of father and friends. But beyond that, it is a deep and lovely tale about finding ones’ rightful place in the scheme of things. Set in the context of magic and witchcraft, it appears on the surface to be a parable for the journey of many gender variant individuals to find their true niche and inner strength. However, as it eventually turns out, our young protagonist wasn’t actually transgender or even intersex at all. I’ll leave it to the reader to find out who this person of power really was.

This is a haunting tale that provides some realistic and believable theories as to why things happen the way they do and why there are always clear paths, reasons and choices for our actions. Serendipity aside, it turns out that the random collisions of atoms in the universe may not be quite so random after all. This is an exceptionally well-crafted novel demonstrating both to the lead character and to the reader, how everything makes perfect sense in the context of free will and choices, intelligent or not. The author, an exceptionally insightful, talented and gifted writer, could easily have been a programmer as the story unfolds with the irrefutable logic of the flow chart of a finely tuned computer application. I highly recommend this book.

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[Reviewed by Samuel]

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