Friday, June 8, 2012

REVIEW: Twisted Dreams by Bonnie Bliss

This was my second taste of what literary delights Bonnie Bliss has to offer (the first being the darkly erotic Chains and Chocolate), but it's already my favourite. The Wizard of Oz (both books and movie) is such an iconic part of American culture, I'm really surprised nobody has done such an erotic take on it before.

With Twisted Dreams we get a modern-day retelling of the story, with some really novel twists, and some rather delightful surprises. Instead of offering us a scene-for-scene sexualization of the tale, Bonnie takes the Once Upon a Time approach and creatively reinterprets the key elements. In fact, D.G. reminds me a lot of Red (they're both scantily clad waitresses, who literally ooze fairy tale sexuality), but what Bonnie does with D.G. is much closer to my guilty fantasies than about Red that anything on TV. There's even a magic mirror involved, full of strap-on delights, but to say more would be to ruin the surprise.

As befitting a fairy tale built around the idea of ruby slippers, Bonnie devotes a lot of attention to costuming here. I absolutely loved Glinda's corset of pink jewels and her dildo-heeled shoes, and D.G.'s tight red dress and ruby collar are absolutely stunning. She knows just how to reinvent the characters, giving them new life, and bringing new joy to the reader. The munchkins are here too, of course, but what they do to D.G. is almost unspeakable in its guilty delights.

A short story, this really only covers D.G.'s introduction to Oz, but it's more than enough to make you want more. It's almost over-the-top in its erotic vulgarity, delightfully perverting the innocence of the movie version, but so well-told that the language is more enticing than it is jarring. I so desperately want to know what happens next, to see how our favourite characters will be reinterpreted, and to discover what's at the end of the yellow brick road.

Quite possibly the steamiest tale I've read this year, it's also the one I most desperately want to see continued . . . and soon!

[Reviewed by Sally]

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  1. Oh my! This certainly sounds like a book that I'm going to have to get my hands on.

    New to your blog by the way - I've been looking for something like this for ages! :)
    Steph @ Stepping Out of the Page