Monday, June 4, 2012

WINNERS - The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves

Thanks to everybody who stopped by last week to comment on our giveaway of The Letter Q: Queer Writers' Notes to their Younger Selves. Our two randomly chosen winners are:

♥ Lacey Reah
♥ maddox

Please pop me an email (webmistress[at]bibrary[dot]com) with your mailing addresses and I will pass the info on to the good people at Scholastic.

For those of you who weren't lucky enough to be chosen, take a look below . . . and then go grab a copy for yourselves. :)

The Letter Q: Queer Writers' Notes to their Younger Selves

Life-saving letters from a glittering wishlist of top authors.

If you received a letter from your older self, what do you think it would say? What do you wish it would say? 

That the boy you were crushing on in History turns out to be gay too, and that you become boyfriends in college? That the bully who is making your life miserable will one day become so insignificant that you won't remember his name until he shows up at your book signing? 

In this anthology, sixty-three award-winning authors such as Michael Cunningham, Amy Bloom, Jacqueline Woodson, Gregory Maguire, David Levithan, and Armistead Maupin make imaginative journeys into their pasts, telling their younger selves what they would have liked to know then about their lives as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered people. Through stories, in pictures, with bracing honesty, these are words of love and understanding, reasons to hold on for the better future ahead. They will tell you things about your favorite authors that you never knew before. And they will tell you about yourself.

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  1. Say what, is that my name with a little heart on it? This means I get a real-live book (and not have to guilt-trip myself into buying the Kindle version, which we all know doesn't have that same fresh book smell)?