Friday, July 27, 2012

REVIEW: Ana & Her Boss by Damien Dsoul

Once again, Damien Dsoul demonstrates not just the scope of his literary talents, but the variety of ways in which cuckolding relationships can be erotically explored. It is really quite astounding just how diverse his stories are! With Ana & Her Boss he changes things up again, offering us the story of an erotic threesome (technically, it is a foursome) where everybody likes to wield the power.

Here we have a wonderfully well-developed white couple, secure in their marriage, and quite delighted to engage in some kinky role playing. Ana's hubby is a willing cuckold, but he is by no means a submissive man. He gracefully allows his wife the freedom to explore her sexuality, to experience the sexual delights that only her exceptionally well endowed black boss can provide, but he also commands his own pleasures from her. Of course, she also commands her pleasure from him, so it all works out very well!

Dennis is the man who makes a slut out of Ana and a cuckold out of Dennis. The fact that he is Ana's boss already places him in a position of authority, but Damien uses that to accentuate the erotic thrill of cuckolding, not to excuse it. Dennis is a man more interested in breaking the white women who come to his attention than humiliating their hubbies. He bestows inappropriate (but beautiful) upon his employee, establishing a personal bond, and then takes her to his bed, establishing a far more significant sexual bond.

The fourth member of this relationship is Mona, the highly-sexed mature secretary who has been servicing her boss long before Ana arrived on scene. The first time we meet her, she is barging into the bathroom stall to orally abuse a rather shocked Ana. I loved what she brought to the story, and was quite delighted to see her join Ana later on for some shared black bull penetration.

Although a shorter novella for Damien, the length and the pacing lend themselves well to the story. This is the celebration of an affair already in progress, rather than the introduction of one just about to begin, which does allow for a more focused tale. A hot, sexy, slutty (in a good way) look at the joys of interracial cuckolding in an open, fantasy-fuelled marriage.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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