Friday, July 20, 2012

REVIEW: Black Master Shango by Damien Dsoul

Taking a dramatic step away from the willing romance of Mr. Tibbs, Damien Dsoul offers up a tale of reluctant carnal submission with Black Master Shango. Here we find a happily married white couple, on their first business trip to Africa, embroiled in a sinister blackmail scheme. With their only other choice being ten years of brutal abuse in a corrupt African prison, Arnold and Becca reluctantly agree to a cuckolding contract with Black Master Shango.

Despite the origins of the relationship, and the unique way in which Shango exerts his power over Arnold from afar, the usual theme of white couples being naturally subservient to their black Masters is once again present here. Becca is addicted from her first glance at Shango's manhood, and discovers a previously unknown sexual insatiability the moment he drives it deep inside her. She not only allows her Master to do things to her that Arnold never would have imagined, she begs for more.

As for Arnold, he is sent away to do the work that brought him to the country in the first place. Bound by his contract - not to mention his own awakening sense of submission - he listens in on his wife's carnal affairs on his cellphone, before being directed by Shango to find a black Master of his own. For the first time in his stories, Damien Dsoul presents us with a white hubby who enjoys his solo submission to the taste and touch of black manhood, rather than sharing it with his wife or enjoying it while she watches.

As sexy as the story is, and as dark and edgy as some of its undertones are, there is also a surprising amount of heart and soul within it. Shango makes it clear that cuckolding is a philosophy, almost spiritual in nature, and something that enhances, not replaces, traditional marriage. It is a bold, daunting concept, but also one that is undeniably erotic and unquestionably attractive.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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