Thursday, July 19, 2012

REVIEW: Mr. Tibbs by Damien Dsoul

A very different tale than The Devil Wears High Heels (my first taste of Damien Dsoul), Mr. Tibbs successfully builds upon the interracial cuckolding themes present there, but does so in a surprisingly dramatic, almost romantic, manner.

In many ways, this book reads like a steamy prime-time television drama - broadcast, of course, on a no-holds-barred premium cable network. It is an intimate look at the lives of four white couples in a picket-fence kind of neighbourhood, one where everybody knows one another, wave "hello" every morning, and think nothing of just popping by for a cup of coffee.

Kevin and Hailey are loving couple at the heart of the story. The neighbourhood's original cuckolds, they have been happily and openly sharing themselves with Mr. Tibbs for quite a while. There is no shame or embarrassment about their relationship, and no taboos or hangups within it. Hailey is quite comfortable answering the door with nothing but pair of strong black arms wrapped around her, and Kevin is equally comfortable talking frankly and honestly to Fred about their unusual sex life. More importantly, the loving couple is equally comfortable in not just pleasing their black Master, but in taking pleasure from their actions.

There is a quote towards the end of the book where Kevin responds to an accusation that servicing Mr. Tibbs makes him gay. It is probably one of the most beautifully profound examples of being comfortable with one's sexuality that I have ever come across:

"Really it’s all about giving pleasure. The more you give, much more you receive. And of being submissive and realising how much love you have for your wife that you want to see her being loved by others too.”

As for the aforementioned Fred, he is a man intrigued by the fantasy of interracial cuckolding, but self-conscious about the reality of it. The deeper he gets into the fantasy, the more his wife becomes aroused by it, until he and Misty are making love before the living room window while they take turns watching their neighbours through a telescope. The fact that they will one day follow in Kevin and Hailey's footsteps is a foregone conclusion from the start, but watching their curiosity develop, and their fantasy become realized, is one of the main joys of the story.

Of course, no neighbourhood is perfect, but those imperfections serve to illustrate just how natural and loving a cuckolding relationship can be - while adding some necessary tension and drama to the overall story. Agatha and Ray are entirely monogamous, but he is an abusive hubby who lacks the self-confidence to allow his wife a life outside the home. As for Fran and Cleo, theirs is an equally strained relationship, marred as much by Cleo's emotional distance as his extramarital affairs. Sure, it may be a little too optimistic to suggest that cuckolding can solve all their marital woes, but the ways in which both couples become drawn into the lifestyle is entirely satisfying to behold.

The sex scenes here are wonderfully erotic, playing to all the senses. They are visually, emotionally, and psychologically satisfying, driving home the wonder and the joy that can come from an open marriage where both spouses are happily submissive to their black Master. Whether he is demonstrating the physical power of a well-hung black man driving his white cuckoldress to unimaginable heights of pleasure, or illustrating the psychological power of a white cuckolded hubby so happily submitting to the oral penetration of a pair of black Masters, Damien Dsoul knows how to delight both the mind and the body.

This is not just a pornographic tale of interracial sex - it is an erotic romance about interracial cuckolding, and makes for a significant difference.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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