Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Lesbian Husbands by Crystal Veeyant (REVIEW)

Taking a break from her Shemale Lesbian Gangbang series, Crystal Veeyant offers up a very retro-feeling hot and sexy piece of erotica in Our Lesbian Husbands that crosses several kinks and genres.

It all starts with that familiar staple of transgender erotica - the crossdressing husband, caught by his wife, enslaved, and forcibly feminized. What separates Crystal's work from (and sets it above) the competition, however, is the creative twists she incorporates into her work. Here we have two husbands, one of whom is willing to endure a little crossdressing in order to get out of the dog house, while the other is eager to be pushed as far as his wife will take him - even if that means into the realm of plastic surgery and permanent enslavement. Toss in a pair of wives who, upon discovering their husband's indiscretions, fall into each other's arm and discover a new kind of love, and a shemale dominatrix, and you have all the ingredients for a smoking-hot story.

Even when she is so firmly entrenched in the realm of sexual fantasy, Crystal still manages to keep the story feeling authentic. The contrast of the two husbands is important, in that is dispels the myth of TG fantasy that every man can be magically sissified and transformed with nothing but a pair of panties. Watching one hubby resist his wife's ministrations, express his doubt and fears, and ultimately be broken by a combination of fear, guilt, and repressed desires is almost more interesting than watching the other beg, plead, and squeal with girlish glee at every new development.

I say 'almost' because, as regular readers will know, nothing delights me more than a happy, content, well-adjusted, feminized boi, especially if he is pursuing his dreams of sissy servitude and shemale submission!

Having the wives discover their latent lesbian tendencies, not to mention a previously unexpressed dominant streak, is what really brings the story together. Yes, they are punishing their husbands for their indiscretions, but the ladies are also creating their ideal love slaves (and life partners) - with the help of a few dominant shemales. Getting back to the idea of authenticity, I love that there is a natural point where the story of the two boys diverges, with one having hit his limits and just biding his time until he can return to a life of macho masculinity, and the other committing himself, body and soul, to the development of his shemale self.

While definitely an unorthodox happily-ever-after ending, Our Lesbian Husbands manages to satisfy just about everybody involved.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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