Monday, August 13, 2012

The Long Sleep by Stephen Mellor (REVIEW)

The Long Sleep by Stephen Mellor is a little like a car that's a “crossover vehicle,” one that is built on a automobile platform and combining features of a SUV with those of a passenger car. It’s a book sitting on a sci-fi chassis, featuring a detective story against the backdrop of a forced gender swap. The author does an excellent job with this strong and believable tale set several hundred years into the future.

This is a time of the beginnings of space travel to distant stars, a droid police force, “AI” humanoid beings and a wealth of scientific projections from a very creative and fertile mind. However, after all these years the basic and fundamental character of the human race hasn’t changed one iota. There are still power corrupted and antisocial despots running the world while the populace acts like sheep, with the exception of one brave young woman and the male detective she hires to investigate the cause of the explosion that ripped apart a star cruiser, just as it was about to reach its final destination after a thirty-year journey.

Was it sabotage and if so, why?

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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