Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trudi in Paris by Adrienne Nash (REVIEW)

I'm so glad that Adrienne Nash decided to put out book two in Trudi's saga, which picks up where book one left off and follows young Trudi's glamorous life through her twenties. In Trudi the little boy had become "Trudi the Model" and accepted her benefactor's invitation to move to France where he set her up to live in comfort so she could study medicine.

Trudi in Paris is a look into the epicurean world of the wealthy, where the rich deny themselves nothing and partake in the finest food, automobiles and designer outfits. In this world, Trudi is able to retain her humanity and continue to blossom as a sophisticated, intelligent and stylish young woman, all while she maintains her medical studies. In addition, as in the first book, there are also wonderful scenes of deep sensuality between Trudi and her lover, the enigmatic Simon. There is also an interesting mystery to be solved as this novel reaches a crescendo.

At the end, we want even more of Trudi and the author offers us the promise in a future book. I'm looking forward to that!

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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