Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Breath of Life by Karin Bishop (REVIEW)

"Embrace your Goddess within.”

These are the final words of wisdom spoken to the lead character by her teacher and mentor, before the spiritual guide moves on to find her own destiny. Breath of Life by Karin Bishop is another very fine effort from an author whose books deal primarily with transgender characters and gender switching.

In Breath of Life the author explores the world of magic, wizardry, and gradual sex change as she did in her book Fool Moon. This all happens in the context of a classic and powerful battle of good versus evil, resolving itself in a breathtaking conclusion, a kind of clash of the souls. The central theme, as is often the case with this author, is about choices, roads taken, or paths untraveled. Ironically, the protagonist does not really have a choice, as the inner female emerges to become the outer. One wonders if free choice is a complete illusion, or was our destiny completely pre-determined.

How the transmogrification of this hero happens has all the beauty of time lapse photography showing a flower emerging from a seed, first becoming a twisting seedling before unfolding the total magnificence of its petals to the world. The author’s books have in common their focus on the discovery of the leading character’s true nature and sexual identity. Breath of Life, a sensitive and very well-constructed effort is no exception. An excellent read.

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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  1. I agree. I finished the book a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The magical aspect gives it a different twist from a lot of her books.
    I'm rereading Fashion Class now and this one is definitely worth a reread.