Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get your FREE copy of Frock Magazine

I am delighted to announce that Issue #17 of Frock Magazine is now available, once again featuring my "Frock Books" review column, and also featuring the first 2 stories I've sourced as part of my role as Assistant Editor! Very exciting to see those stories in print, and to be able to share some stories that I find inspiring.

Check out "Taking Pride in Drag - A World Record Attempt" on page 16 (a hometown effort!), and "Warning! This Label May be Dangerous to Wear" (from one of my favourite bloggers and authors) on page 38.

Completely free, and available digitally,  Frock Magazine is one of the finest transgender lifestyle magazines around, and one that prides itself on being coffee-table friendly (i.e. free of any erotic content, suggestive ads, etc.).

While you're at it, we're always looking for new and exciting stories and articles to share, so if you have a transgender related idea you'd like to see in Frock Magazine, or a 
story/article you'd like to share, please drop me a line (sally AT frockmagazine DOT com).

Don't just pick it up for my column, though - the magazine has a wonderful variety of articles and features, looks absolutely gorgeous, and is a wonderful read. Please hop on over to  Frock Magazine and give it a read today!

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