Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Teenage Daughter's Sex Slave by Crystal Veeyant (REVIEW)

My Teenage Daughter's Sex Slave is an interesting story, based on a premise of deception that initially seems like a cheat, until you realize just how carefully Crystal Veeyant has crafted the whole scenario. For a work of erotic fiction, it's actually quite clever and inspired.

The relationship established between Kaity and Helen works quite well on several levels, but it's the fractured family dynamic underlying the relationship that holds it all together. Although she comes across as a pampered princess, Kaity has been through an emotional ordeal, one that certain explains (and possibly even justifies) the extremes to which she pushes the woman she once believed to be her mother. She is as sympathetic a character as she is erotic, pulling the reader into her tale on both an emotional and a physical level. What's more, she is a character who grows and develops before our eyes, her motives slowly evolving from cruel vengeance into taboo passion.

Helen isn't quite as well-developed as Kaity, but that's okay, since she exists more as the fetish/kink/taboo focus of the tale. For the most part, her role is simply to submit . . . to serve . . . to satisfy the young woman who holds the leash that preserves her sliver of freedom. She is emotionally complex, however, wracked with guilt on so many levels, not the least of which is for having so gleefully having taken advantage of her step-daughter's dominatrix fantasies. It's incredibly erotic to see how their roles are reversed, with mother submitting to daughter, and to see the power exchange coming full circle, with the professional dominatrix submitting to the young woman who initially scorned her for that career.

As always, Crystal's tales are very well-written, with some lovely turns-of-phrase, carefully crafted dialogue, and graphically executed sex scenes that hit all the familiar notes, while still managing to come across as fresh and original. Like I said earlier, hers is a very clever tale as well, riding that razor's edge between guilty pleasure and inappropriate taboo, complete with a few shocking revelations overlaid carefully upon one another at the end. Quite an enjoyable read.

[Reviewed by Bobbi]

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  1. I'm a huge Crystal Veeyant fan. Though my main attraction is to "shemale" and crossdresser stories with a BDSM spin, I found myself quite turned on by the dark intricacies of this story. After reading Crystal's other pseudo-incest story, "Mother Shemale Truck Stop Whore", I'm not surprised at the deftness with which the author handled this one. I can't wait to see what comes next!!!