Friday, September 21, 2012

Passionate Blood by Victoria Foxxe (REVIEW)

While I had previously read (and enjoyed) a few of Victoria's transgender fetish tales, I wasn't quite prepared for blossoming of her storytelling abilities with Passionate Blood. Here, Victoria Foxxe has managed to take two rather tired cliches, reinventing them through the erotic intermingling of two very different genres.

She introduced it to me as "Rocky Horror Picture Show crossed with True Blood," but while it appropriates the transgender elements of the first, it lacks the tongue-in-cheek cheese factor of either. Instead, it's more of a Dracula homage, complete with the inclusion of the weird sisters . . . who get a vampiric BDSM twist.

What makes the story work so well is the slow, uncertain, reluctant transformation of young Christopher into the reincarnation of Count Radu Velescu's long-lost bride. Here we have a man who has never questioned his gender, never so much as had a stray gay thought, being forcibly feminized and seduced by the power of the Count. There's the suggestion of a supernatural element here, a destiny foretold that he cannot deny, but I loved how Victoria refrained from offering any final confirmation or his true motivation.

Erotic and a bit chilling, this was an altogether fantastic story that really pulled me in, satiating both my curiosity and my own fetishistic desires.

[Reviewed by Sally]

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