Monday, September 24, 2012

Skin by Tanya Allan (REVIEW)

There is no growth without change. For Edward, truer words were never spoken, as he finds himself transformed into the lovely and self-actualized, Emilia. This is accomplished with the assistance of Tom, a man who has the scientific expertise to make transgender dreams happen, and as we come to find out, by rather unique means.

As a male, Edward was not a person who was obsessed with transformation to womanhood, just someone suffering from a vague feeling of being out of kilter with life, and focused only on expressing his feminine persona in the privacy of his own domain. However, as they say, timing is everything. So, when Edward losses nearly all that he holds dear, including his beloved Carly, the time is right for Tom to apply his scientific knowledge and loving assistance in an attempt to save, as he so altruistically relates, “even one little starfish.”

Tanya Allan’s novel “Skin” is a lovely and highly romantic work by a prolific author who writes eloquently about such issues. It is a book that holds your interest from start to finish.

[Reviewed by Samuel]

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